Advent Begins- Hurry Up and Wait!

The Advent Season begins today, December 2nd. The count down begins with many ways to anticipate the coming of Christmas Day: Advent Wreaths, Advent Calendars, and Advent Readings to name a few. How can we make these things meaningful and more that a ticking off of days until we open gifts. The first thing we can do as families in one of the busiest times of the year is to SLOW DOWN. Yes, slow down. Instead of going to every event available in town sit down and intentionally make choices about which ones are the most meaningful and tied directly to the purpose of the season for your family.

Advent means ‘arrival, appearance, coming” and is about waiting. Waiting is hard for a lot of folks but it can be unbearable for little ones. All the hustle of the season, the extra activities at school, home, and church on top of the anticipation of decorations, gifts, and what is under the tree can be just too much. Take the little ones into account when making choices for when and what to do as we begin the season of waiting. Make time for them and yourself, make family time happen.

We have provided some daily readings in both a calendar and a paper chain form your children may enjoy if you haven’t gotten one yet they will be available for everyone in the workroom. Daily prayers based on the readings will be posted on the church’s Facebook and other social media.

I hope you all find just this right things to experience together this Advent Season, experiences to make the most of this season of waiting.