Children’s Worship Bulletins

We have Children's Worship Bulletins available for children ages 3-6 and 7-12 available for each worship and in the Worship Backpacks each week, located in both the main and Luther Room Narthex.  The bulletin corresponds with Gospel reading for the week, and we hope this will open opportunities for your family to connect, to make references between the message and the activities. The bulletins also have a secret code on the front of the bulletin that unlocks hours of fun learning at home.  

This secret code is unique to our church and allows SAFE and secure access to online games that reinforce the message for the week. You can continue Bible learning and discussion at home - while protecting children from the hazards of general Internet game sites.

Several games are rotated - Memory Match, Word Search, Gems of the Bible and Coloring Book - so each week children will have something new to play. The games are geared toward all age levels so everyone can join in the fun!             

Step 1: Your child picks up a bulletin with a secret code on the front.            

Step 2: At home they enter the secret code at