Christian Education (Sunday School)
Opportunities @ 9:20 a.m.
Every Sunday. Don't miss out!

  • Children Birth - age 3 - Meet in the Nursery

  • Children ages 3 -4K - Meet in A-16

  • Children aged 5k - 5th grade - Meet in A-18

  • Middle School/Confirmation - Meet in the Youth Room

  • High School - Meet in the John Room

  • Genesis - There is an ancient Greek proverb; “Well begun is half done.” Genesis covers creation by the divine Word, rebellion by the human family, judgment and grace from the covenant Lord, the election of Abraham’s family, and especially Jacob’s descendants to embody and convey the message of salvation. All these basic biblical themes are sounded boldly and clearly in the pages of Genesis, meaning source or origin, and the 2nd longest book in the Bible. All are welcome to join us in our study of “In the beginning….” Meeting in Matthew/Mark Room. Led by Neal Schmidt.

  • The Parables of Jesus - An in-depth study of God's parables ~ what His message is to us, how it applies to us, and how to minister to others. Meet in the Library with Tim Champion.

  • Lutheranism 101 - Some of us were raised Lutherans, others chose the Lutheran church. In the Bible Belt, there are many churches to choose from and each church can be so different from another. So what sets Lutherans apart? Explore with us our church’s history, liturgy, and doctrine, and better understand what makes us Lutheran. Great for both new and lifelong Lutherans. Led by Lindsay Elliott and Megan Moore in the Middle School Room.

  • 1st John - A new study on the Bible book of 1st John taught by Chris Sedlacek in the Disciple Room