Christian Education (Sunday School)
Opportunities @ 9:20 a.m.
Every Sunday. Don't miss out!

Children ages 3-5th Grade - Meet in the Sanctuary @ 9:20 a.m.
Middle School & High School Girls - Meet in the Middle School Room
Middle School & High School Boys - Meet in the High School Room

Growing Up - How to Be a Disciple Maker Who Makes Disciples Fellowship Hall #1 (Main Building) 
Christ did not come to make Christians; He came to make disciples.   Have you been intentionally discipled/equiped to make disciples?   Led by Mike & Sarah Harfield

Seekers - A19 (Main Building)
This is a study of "The Indwelling Life of Christ" which "takes a refreshing look at the pure thrill of living victoriously as you embrace the living Savior's presence within you.  Led by Chris Sedlacek and Ralph Hyatt.

The Book of James - Matthew/Mark room downstairs in Educational Bldg.  Led by Neal Schmidt

 Seeking the Mind of Christ - Library (Main Building) with Tim Champion - Come discover the mind of the greatest man who ever lives and still lives with us today and forevermore.

Family Life Today -  This practical class is designed to offer Biblical wisdom for all who want to be better parents and learn together.  Please join Debbie Flint and Bob and Connie Kasper in Room A-17

Children Sunday School classes: 

Under 2    (Nursery)                Ages 2+    (A-16)  

Middle School/Confirmation        (Middle School Room)

High School             (Youth Room)