Christian Education (Sunday School)
Opportunities @ 9:20 a.m.
Every Sunday. Don't miss out!

  • Children Birth - age 3 - Meet in the Nursery
  • Children ages 3 -4K - Meet in A-16
  • Children aged 5k - 5th grade - Meet in A-18
  • Middle School/Confirmation - Meet in the Youth Room
  • High School  - Meet in the John Room
  • The Gospel of Matthew - We are studying the Gospel of Matthew, which presents Jesus as the Sovereign King.  Matthew presents Jesus as the Messiah King who is revealed, rejected and who will return. In no other Gospel are the attacks on Jesus' character and His claims so bitter and vile as those Matthew reports.  Meeting in Matthew/Mark Room.  Led by Neal Schmidt.
  •  The Parables of Jesus - An in-depth study of God's parables ~ what His message is to us, how it applies to us, and how to minister to others.  Meet in the Library with Tim Champion.
  • "D" Group -  Starting in September.  Led by Bob & Connie Kasper in Room A-19.
  • Young Adult - We will be reading through the book, Abraham.  Abraham is a powerful, universal story, the first-ever interfaith portrait of the man God chose to be his partner.  Thoughtful & inspiring, it offers a rare vision of hope that will redefine what we think about our neighbors, our future, & ourselves.  Taught by Lindsay Elliott in the Disciple Room.
  • Sticky Faith - "Everyday ideas to build lasting faith in your kids" in conjunction with a parent support group.  Facilitated by Wendi Vegter in Fellowship 1.
  • 2nd Timothy - Led by Chris Sedlacek in Room A-14
  • Thinking About the Sermon - This class will give you an opportunity to reflect further upon the sermon and lessons of the day.  An informal sharing of thoughts and questions that arose for you as you heard it or are about to hear it at 2nd service.  Led by Tom Nelson & Audrey Hains in A-17.
  • Disciple 5 - The next step in the Disciple series. Taught by Tracy Ferrier in the Middle Room