Christian Education (Sunday School)
Opportunities @ 9:20 a.m.
Every Sunday. Don't miss out!

  • Children Birth - age 3 - Meet in the Nursery
  • Children ages 3 -4K - Meet in A-16
  • Children aged 5k - 5th grade - Meet in A-18
  • Middle School/Confirmation - Meet in the Middle School Room
  • High School  - Meet in the Youth Room
  • The Gospel of Matthew - Matthew/Mark room downstairs in Educational Bldg.  Led by Neal Schmidt
  •  Seeking the Mind of Christ - Library (Main Building) with Tim Champion - Come discover the mind of the greatest man who ever lives and still lives with us today and forevermore.
  • "D" Group -  Led by Bob & Connie Kasper in Room A-17
  • College & Career - Welcome college age and young adults to study the book of Hebrews. Taught by Lindsay Elliott in the John Room.
  • Seekers - We are studying Ephesians. Led by Chris Sedlacek in Room A-14