Discipleship in the Lectionary - Weekly Commentary

By David R. Lyons

01/06/2019, Witnessing God’s true light

01/13/2019, Baptism of the Lord

01/20/2019, The Wedding at Cana: The Dawning of the Messianic Age

01/27/2019, Jesus’s first public act recorded in Luke was a sermon

03/03/2019, Well, that answers that question!

03/10/2019, Jesus the New Adam withstands temptation

03/17/2019, Jesus laments over…the West?

03/24/2019, A call to repentance

03/31/2019, The prodigal son, the loving father, and the self-righteous older brother

04/07/2019, Contrasting images of discipleship

04/14/2019, Sometimes the only option is to be an ass

04/21/2019, Born from a virgin womb and raised from a virgin tomb

04/28/2019, Do not disbelieve, but believe

05/05/2019, The “Last Breakfast” and the redemption of Peter

05/12/2019, Hear and follow

05/19/2019, A new take on a familiar commandment?

05/26/2019, There’s no pleasing some people!

06/02/2019, Jesus prays for us

06/09/2019, Happy “Birthday” Church!

06/16/2019, Trinity Sunday

06/23/2019, Got demons?

06/30/2019, Disciples not consumers

07/07/2019, Practicalities of disciple-making

07/14/2019, Who is my neighbor?

07/21/2019, The changing church

07/28/2019, The Disciple’s Prayer

08/04/2019, The right perspective on life

08/11/2019, Being ready for Christ

08/18/2019, Christ: The Great Divider

08/25/2019, Jesus confronts legalism and tradition

09/01/2019, Privilege and humility

09/08/2019, Instructions on who can be a disciple of Jesus

09/15/2019, The Parable of the Lost Sheep (not the Lost Shepherd)

09/22/2019, The Parable of the Dishonest Manager

09/29/2019, The Rich Man and Lazarus - The Culture of Indifference

10/06/2019, Discipleship - Just Do It!

10/13/2019, Are you a one in ten?