Ben Abercrombie

is back at Harvard!!!

Praise God!!!

Please join us in celebrating and support for Ben and his family as he continues to inspire us as he is back at Harvard.

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THE GOSPEL is good news!—

Heaven and God’s Assurance of Life is a gift of God’s grace.  But not long after Father God lovingly made us People as His Children, we, in the rebellion of our hearts, called Sin, turned and went our own way.

Though God is loving, He is Holy, so the Son of God, Jesus Christ, came to die and pay for our Sin because we would have perished if we had to pay for our sin!

But now the free gift of Assurance of being restored to Peace and Life now and forever with God becomes ours through Faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and His Saving Work for us on the cross!

Being Saved from Sin by trust in Jesus, Jesus has Saved us For a New Life by pouring into us Holy Spirit.  With Holy Spirit leading and empowering us, we can Follow Jesus and Go with Him to All the World and Tell others about Him so that All People Can Know God Personally and Be Restored to the Eternal Life God made us for to Begin with through Jesus Christ!

There are so many who are lost, not knowing which way to go in life!  We know The Way to Fellowship with Father God; the Way is Jesus Christ!

So Let’s pray together and then scatter to tell Everybody that in Jesus Christ, they too can have Abundant Life!

 Want to learn how to change someone's life for the better forever?

Learn the joy of Disciple making!

Service times: 


  • 8:00a - Traditional Worship

  • 9:20a - Sunday School

  • 10:40a - Contemporary Worship

  • 5:00p - Community Worship and Prayer Service


  • 7:00p - Fellowship at the DeGreens

    • 2208 Kenbridge Circle, Hoover, AL 35226

    • Please RSVP Pr Chris @ 205-401-2553


  • 11:45a - 12:10p Midday Worship

  • 6:30p - 7p Evening Worship

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